Archive | July, 2012

POP UP BLOCKERS stopping you from adding photos or creating a Quote?

23 Jul

Some pop ups are good and some are downright irritating.  Adjusting the Pop Up Blocker SETTINGS in your browser allows you to control most pop ups.  This also applies to tool bar Add Ons like Yahoo, MSN, Google, etc. that have their own Pop Up Blocker settings.  Make sure * is added to the ‘Allowed Sites’.  The asterisk ‘*’ acts like a wildcard and allows any page from the site that follows to be included.  For more information Contact Us at Linxworks’ Support.


Data Export your heavy equipment listings to a data file

12 Jul

Use the DATA EXPORT utility to extract information about your new, rental and used equipment listings into a CSV file (like a spreadsheet.) Takes approximately 0.6 seconds per inventory record and is then emailed to your inbox. Contains details, features and up to eight (8) photo links. Use your favourite spreadsheet program to view the document. For more information Contact Us at Linxworks’ Support.

Training available on Linxworks’ MANAGER tools

11 Jul

Need a little extra help or have any questions on the MANAGER tools? Contact Support and we will be more than happy to provide you with training, an overview of the system and tools, or help you troubleshoot any issues you have marketing your heavy equipment with Linxwork’s MANAGER.  Contact  us  for more information.